Energy Efficiency Research Group

Save Energy - Reduce Generation

How to join

An engineer interested to immerse him/herself into the deepest research areas of energy efficiency and is foremost to publish the journal of the breakthroughs he is accountable for, the candidacy shall be considered appreciably. To initiate the process one may seek the application forum to apply for the membership and filling the same and enclosing it with the necessary documents. After reviewing the application the GREEN9 board shall approve the membership after which the candidate shall be handed over an e-membership card and certificate of recognition.

Membership Category:

He/She will become general member with the preliminary registration

After the sucesfull publication of a paper in Scopus Indexed Journal, He/She will be promoted as GREEN9 Research Group member with a condition that, he/she has to publish one paper annually.

The membership will be upgraded to GREEN9 Senior Research Group member, if he/she will publish ten papers in Scopus Indexed Journals 

Further the membership will be upgraded to GREEN9 Diamond Research Group member, if he/she will publish one patent related to energy efficient technologies 

The active Diamond Research Group member with the good number of publications, valuable contributions in research report and patents, will be recommented for the Executive Board Members of GREEN9.


Online GREEN 9 Membership  Form at